IT Services

Repair and maintenance of computer systems

The computer is our everyday tool and the information on the computer is becoming indispensable. Don't give up on your pictures, abstracts, theses, books, etc. easily. We will restore your information whenever possible. We deal with data recovery from hard drives, memory sticks, memory cards and optical media. We will also help you recover your information even if you have forgotten your hard disk password.

Services offered:

  • IT consulting
  • Operating system and software installation
  • Hardware installation
  • Removal of viruses
  • Data backup
  • Computer training
  • Design
  • Programming
  • Website development


Design and programming

Logo design 60,00 - 250,00 €
Design of a poster, poster, advertisement, banner (A6-A3) 70,00 €
Programming (C, C+, Java, PHP etc.) 100,00 € / h


Software services

Processing Fee (minimum invoice to be provided) 18,00 € / one time
Diagnostics 18,00 € / device
Windows XP/7/8 installation 31,95 € / computer
Windows drivers, updates, freeware installation 14,95 € / computer
Linux installation 31,95 € / computer
Linux drivers, updates, freeware installation 14,95 € / computer
MacOS installation 34,95 € / computer
MacOS updates, freeware installation 14,95 € / computer
Removal of viruses and spyware 25,00-45,00 € / computer
Software maintenance and computer acceleration 25,00 € / computer
Service and remote maintenance 29,95 € / hour
Maintenance work at the customer's site 34,95 € / hour
Data copying (to external media) from 18,00 € / computer
Data recovery from 25,00 € / device
Maintenance of cash registers, servers and special software 44,95 € / hour
IT Consulting 44,95 € / hour


Hardware services

Dust cleaning, housing maintenance, fan oiling (desktop computer) 11,95 € / computer
Dust cleaning, keyboard and cabinet maintenance, oiling of hinges and fans (laptop) 20,00-35,00 € / computer
LCD screen replacement (does not include screen cost)  


Drone photos (aerial photos) and videos

Drone shooting (real estate, landscapes & events) by agreement
Drone shooting (commercials, video broadcasts, etc.) by agreement
Video editing (editing short videos) by agreement


Transport services

Arrival fee in Kuressaare 18,00 €
Outside the city limits you will be charged per kilometer 0,46 € / km


Maintenance contracts

The purpose of the service contract is to provide the customer with a guarantee that the company will commit to sending it's worker to customer's place within the agreed response time. In case of a maintenance contract, the customer is entitled to a discount of 20% of the regular prices.

* The price for work done outside office hours, on weekends and public holidays is calculated by the coefficient 2,0.
** Outside Kuressaare there will be an agreed transport charge for services.
*** We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.

Contact us today either via the contact form, send an e-mail to info (at) or call (+372) 513-1161.