Real Estate

Brokerage and management service

Real estate brokerage service in Saaremaa

The percentage of the brokerage fee usually depends on the amount of work done by the broker, the complexity of selling the property, the amount of advertising finance, etc.

The investment project management fee is agreed upon each time and depends on the content of the activities and the size of the project.

The main duties of a real estate broker are:

  • searching for clients, finding out their wishes, fixing the order (mandate), informing the client about the content of the offered service, the terms of mediation, concluding a brokerage contract;
  • collection of market information, registration of purchase and sale offers, systematisation, entry into databases, internal comparison of databases, updating thereof;
  • gathering in-depth information about the facility, timing and financial planning of sales activities, selection of target audience and sales channels;
  • explaining to the clients the market situation and the opportunities and conditions arising from it;
  • consulting the client regarding the possible price level of the real estate object and the known properties of the object affecting the price;
  • preparation of sales materials, informing target groups via targeted mailing, print media, the Internet and other channels; presentation of the object, presentation of terms of sale / rent / lease, etc. marketing work;
  • arranging negotiations and consulting the client regarding the contractual provisions, representing and advising the client in the negotiations, obtaining the necessary documents;
  • preparation of real estate transactions and organization of notarial contract. Preparation and arrangement of the necessary other contracts;
  • post-transaction work related to the release of objects, the movement of money, the payment of debts and liabilities related to the object and the like;
  • reporting to the customer on the progress made by the intermediary in meeting its contractual obligations.


Brokerage (purchase, sale, brokerage, rent) upon agreement
Brokerage of real estate purchase, sale and rent transactions upon agreement
Arranging of real estate purchase and rental transactions upon agreement
Arranging of real estate sales and rental transactions upon agreement
Real estate photography service upon agreement
Real estate investments upon agreement
Real estate investment consultancy upon agreement
Real estate search service upon agreement
Management of investment projects upon agreement
Estonian market entry service (for companies) upon agreement
Development of real estate cooperation projects upon agreement
Commercial real estate development upon agreement
Purchase and lease back of commercial real estate upon agreement
Real estate portfolio appraisal, purchase and sale services upon agreement
Real Estate Development upon agreement
Real estate development project management upon agreement
Apartments development (purchase, renovation, purchase or rent) upon agreement
Attic and roof floor development, sale, rental upon agreement
Sale of real estate developments upon agreement
Real estate management services upon agreement
Land (forest, farmland, etc.) buildings, structures. real estate, sale, rental, administration upon agreement
Activities to find use on farmland upon agreement
Paperwork upon agreement
Legal consulting, drafting of contracts, organization of documentation upon agreement

Property management service in Saaremaa

Earn more rent and deal less with renting your property!

You do not live in the same city or country where your property is located? You no longer need to run your friends or relatives. Our goal is to relieve you of your property management concerns so that you can focus on your core business.

We attach great importance to the environment around us and the world we are leaving behind.

We take care of your entire property management process, find suitable tenants, manage your property and resolve any issues that may arise without the need for the owner to intervene. This means complete peace of mind for our customers who are usually far away.

Full property management services

  • We visit and take pictures of the property and advise you on the possible rent you will receive.
  • We advertise the property and offer it to the tenants.
  • We show prospective tenants your property.
  • Credit check for tenants.
  • We prepare and sign the lease agreement.
  • We list the inventory and its condition.
  • We record gas, electricity and water readings before the tenants take possession of the property and after the lease expires.
  • In the event that the tenant does not pay the rent, we will, after consulting the landlord, arrange for payment, including litigation against the tenant.
  • Assistance with insurance issues.


Our services are aimed at:

  1. For apartment associations
  2. Apartment communities
  3. For private houses
  4. For commercial and industrial building owners

Cleaning services

Window washing from 0,40 – … € / m²
Carpet cleaning (wet / dry) from 0,80 – … € / m²
Office chairs washing from 1,50 – … € / chair
Upholstered furniture washing from 5,00 – … € / seat
Leather cover cleaning with protective wax from 5,00 – … € / seat
Washing of concrete and EPO floors from 0,50 – … € / m²
Washing of stone floors from 0,50 – … € / m²
Deep wash of PVC / linoleum with waxing from 0,80 – … € / m²
 Parquet floor cleaning from 0,90 – … € / m²
 Deep washing of wood parquet floors with oiling  from 2,00 – … € / m²
 Post-construction cleaning upon agreement
 Big cleaning at home / office upon agreement
 Maintenance cleaning upon agreement


* The price for work done outside office hours, on weekends and public holidays is calculated by the coefficient 2,0.
Outside Kuressaare there will be an agreed transport charge for services.
*** We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice.


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