Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent

Autor: Andres Larin
on August 22, 2018
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Advantages of working with an agent

With all the information available on the Internet, people sometimes ask, "why should we hire a real estate agent?" They think that without a broker they will not be able to sell their home through the internet or through the usual marketing channels. Some are doing well, some are not.

If you've ever thought about the same thing, here are 10 reasons why you might want to consider hiring a professional real estate agent.

1. Education and experience

You don't have to know everything about buying and selling real estate if you hire a real estate professional who knows. Henry Ford once said that if you hire someone who is smarter than you, it means that you are smarter than he is. The trick is to find the right person. In general, they all cost the same. Why not hire someone with more education and experience than you? We are all looking for more valuable free time in our lives and hiring professionals gives us that time.

2. Agents are buffers

Agents help you save time on real estate impressions and visits. If you are a new home buyer, your agent will help keep other builder agents away. If you are a seller, the agent will help filter out all those phone calls that lead nowhere and only call serious buyers to write an offer immediately.

3. Neighborhood knowledge

Agents have local knowledge or know where to get it. They can identify and make similar offers to you, and also give you information on where to find information about schools, crime and demographics. For example, you may find out that a house on the same street was for sale for 100,000 euros, but the agent knows that it was actually sold for 75,000 euros after 65 days of sale.

4. Price guarantee

Contrary to what some people think, agents do not choose prices for sellers or buyers. Instead, the agent helps the client to make the right choices. Sales agents ask buyers to consider all the information provided to them and then offer them their price. The agent then plans a negotiation strategy based on market supply, demand and conditions.

5. Market conditions information

Real estate agents may disclose to you the market conditions that govern your sale or purchase process. Many factors determine how you proceed. Data such as the average price per square meter of similar homes, average sales prices, the average number of market days, and the relationship between sales and prices sold, along with other criteria, have a big impact on what you ultimately decide to do.

6. Professional network

Real estate companies interact with other professionals, many of whom offer the services you need to buy and sell. With regard to legal liability, many agents are reluctant to recommend certain individuals or companies instead of others, but they still know which sellers are efficient, competent and competitively priced. Agents can give you a list of recommendations they have worked with in the past and provide the necessary background information to help you make an informed choice.

7. Negotiation skills and confidentiality

The best brokers are good negotiators because, unlike most buyers and sellers, they are free from the emotions associated with the transaction and, in addition, they are qualified. That is part of their job. They are professionals who are trained to represent their client as well as possible and to keep client-related information confidential from competing interests.

8. Handling paperwork volumes

Today's purchase agreements can be tens of pages long. One small mistake or omission can take you to court or cost you tens of thousands of euros.

9. Answering questions after concluding the contract

Even the smoothest transactions that are completed without complications can come back to bother you later. For example, the tax office who pays taxes and many other things may come out several months later. One little call to your representative can bring you clarity. Many issues that may have been overlooked during the anxiety of closing a transaction may arise later. Good agents are always ready to help you and not leave you in trouble.

10. Develop relationships for future business

Recommendations are the basis for a real estate agent's success and continuing career. Few agents would survive if their livelihoods consistently depended on finding new customers. This emphasis gives brokers a strong incentive to make clients happy and satisfied. It also means that there is a broker who will continue to work even if you want to hire him again. Many periodically send you newsletters about the market situation to keep you informed and in touch.

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